Arm Strength

The Ultimate Arm Strength Program

Improve throwing velocity by 4-12 MPH! Improve overall arm health, arm care, and full body strength! These are legitimate increases we have seen year after year…make this your year to climb the ladder!

Proven Success

Over the last decade, I have sorted through information and experimented with training programs to find the best ways to improve arm strength in baseball athletes. The programs I have implemented have experienced overwhelming success with hard-working baseball players of all ages. Programs have also evolved over the years and keep getting better, and better!

Here’s the Truth

You need velocity to play at the next level…whether that means making a high school team, getting exposure to a college program, or a chance to play professional baseball. We are in the velocity era, but the obsession over it has become dangerous! I see way too many players with pressure on them to throw harder than their bodies will allow. That mindset often ends with injuries. I have had many conversations with players and parents over the years who are worried about velocity…they understand the importance. What I am doing with our arm strength program moving forward is educating players and parents of all the contributors to velocity. We cannot maximize velocity with just a 30-minute pitching lesson every week. We need more. I feel the time we spend in lessons is extremely important and helpful to the development of pitchers, but it is not enough to maximize velocity potential. It needs to be understood that throwing mechanics are just one component in the velocity puzzle. Flexibility and mobility has an equal importance in the velocity puzzle…on several occasions I have encouraged players to take part in yoga activities to help with this, it is a big deal. Overall strength is a big deal in the velocity puzzle, which we can enhance with deadlifts, squats, lunges, etc. Core strength is important…we develop this through a variety of bodyweight and medicine ball work. Explosiveness is a big deal, we can enhance that through plyometric work and sprint work. Stability and one-legged activities are vital in our quest to develop velocity. Our goal over the last 10 years with the arm strength program has always been to get what you can out of your current body…our new format has the same goal, however, it will allow us to improve the current bodies of our students, so they can safely get as much as they can out of their bodies. I could go on and on with this.

This Fall’s Arm Strength Program

Long Toss, the proper way + frequency to long toss for maximum gains.

Weighted balls, the safe way to use them (I see a lot of dangerous use with these in other programs).

Bands…they are good, but only scratch the surface with strength.

Weight room…we are now set up to squat, deadlift, lunge, bench, and more at the facility, wait to you see our awesome additions!

Plyometrics…so many options with this important way to build explosiveness.

Medicine ball training…we are constantly evolving ways to utilize med balls.

Stability training…the hot concept that is changing the way pitchers and hitters train.

And much, much more!

About Jason

Jason Taulman

This year I jumped back into the classroom to add knowledge to my M.A. in Physical Education/Coaching and years of experience coaching baseball at the college and professional levels, as well as working with baseball players of all ages. I am now certified in Baseball Scouting/General Manager from Sports Management Worldwide. As a former college coach, I thought I knew a lot about scouting, and I did…but I gained a wealth of knowledge from this program, and it confirmed what I have preached for many years…if you want to play at the next level, you need to be able to throw and run better than your peers. I also completed a certification program through the National Sports Performance Association to become a Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC). I am now studying to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. In addition, I have continued to study and experiment with new ideas presented by the likes of Eric Cressey, The Florida Baseball Ranch, The Texas Baseball Ranch, Driveline, and other bright minds and programs within the baseball training world. I have connected the dots and realize now, more than ever, how important it is to have a full-scale strength/speed program tied to the arm strength development in baseball players. Without an emphasis on overall body strength, speed, and simply moving better, our ability to throw a baseball will be limited. I feel we have already done a decent job of tying these ideas together…but I am excited to announce that we will blow our previous arm strength program out of the water with the new knowledge and ideas we will incorporate moving forward. I also realize that with many of the guys I work with now reaching the high school age, the need for the strength piece is invaluable..

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